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Kharma Elegance S7 Speakers including SDSS Stands

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The heart of the speaker is formed by the single 7-inch Kharma Composite driver which is equipped with a new cone technology developed by Kharma. It consists of ultra-high-tech rocket science/formula 1 based fibres created into a setting with optimised behaviour for the purpose. Finite element analysis with advanced computer systems have led to optimised cone-shapes with a near perfect behaviour for a 7-inch driver. This single 7-inch Kharma Composite driver therefore leads to an incredible detailed bass.

The effect of this innovation combined with the new development of a pure Beryllium tweeter is very clearly audible in even a short listening session. Ultra high resolution in the midrange depicting many layers and sound colours like in excellent wines, where the complexity of the whole history of making the wine, can be tasted in a moment. It is like the music is coming from an inner space with an infinite number of layering. No mp3 allowed please, give full credit to these wonders


High frequencies:       1 x 1-inch True Beryllium tweeter

Mid / Low frequencies:                  1 x 7-inch Kharma Composite Driver (KCD)


Technical specs

Type:           EL-S7-1.0

System:      2-way

RMS Power:                    100 Watt

Program power:          200 Watt

Frequency range:       29 Hz – 30 kHz

Nominal Impedence:                       8 Ohm

Efficience 2,83V / 1m:                    86 dB

Maximum SPL:              106 dB



The Elegance S7 is the modest sized successor of the Elegance dB7 and dB9, but still contains the musicality you may expect from an Elegance speaker.

Including Stand:

Width:        358 mm / 14.09 inch

Height:       972 mm / 38.27 inch

Depth:        553 mm / 21.77 inch


Excluding stand:

Width:        265 mm / 10.43 inch

Height:       911 mm / 35.87 inch


A Kharma product must not only have an unbelievable refined sound, which meets the needs of a true music lover, but also must have an astonishing finish to compete with the musicality of the system. As known by Kharma, every customer can have a taste of its own. Therefore Kharma developed two programs to be able to fulfil all levels of customization.


Primary Stock Program

This program has been targeted as to create the shortest possible delivery time for the official Kharma products. This program is therefore based on the most popular Kharma finishes, which have proven their looks in the past by many successful sales. In this way we can deliver both the high refined sound as the astonishing finish that can be expected from Kharma.


Kharma Optionary Program

The visual tuning in the Optionary Program will give the customer the opportunity to choose between special selected Kharma colours. These colours have a higher level of customization and therefore the delivery time will be slightly longer than a Stock Program colour.

Additional Information

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