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Opera Grand Callas Floorstanding Speakers

$17,499.00 inc. GST


The moment this one arrived we knew it was going to be special, fantastic build and finish. Its just creeps up on you in the sound department with excellent low end and a huge open sound stage. 


It’s obvious we wanted to keep the best features of both the previous Grand Callas and Tebaldi models inorder to offer high-quality sound in a flexible loudspeaker system that is easily adaptable to all environments. In addition, we needed to continue the tradition of the Grand Callas aesthetically pleasing design that’s also a particularly good value for the money.

The back radiation system uses two tweeters that are connected as a natural dipole. The performance of this dipole is virtually indistinguishable from the triplet used on previous Grand Callas. The rear radiation pattern feeds the reflected field without interfering with the direct sound while preserving the accuracy of the transient response. The rear radiation balances the power response and increases what we call “brilliance,”

a quality related to the perception of sound details. Improving the perception of detail also means improving the perception of “space.”

The front panel of the cabinet of the new Grand Callas was shaped to make near-field listening possible, even when the listener is only a meter and a half from the loudspeakers. That’s because the Grand Callas is truly flexible and adaptable to various situations such as when reverberation time is not particularly low. The other feature that contributes to the flexible is the ability to modify the response of the low frequencies with a flick of a simple switch.

You can also choose to block the reflex ducts, which gives you four possible configurations for the Grand Callas. The occlusion of the ducts could be necessary when the speaker needs to be placed close to room corners. This allows the listener to place the speakers in the room and then find a better frequency response by adjusting the ducts and using the switch, as opposed to trying to find the right room placement and positioning in advance. You can also adjust the speakers with two different responses when, for example, you need to place one speaker closer to the wall than the other.

The Grand Callas 2014 produces a sound stage that expands effortlessly in three dimensions, with an excellent impulse response. The power, dynamics and extension at low frequencies is among our finest achievements.




The two woofers are made by Scanspeak per Opera’s specifications. These 8” drivers feature an aluminum cone and rubber rim characterized by a magnetic group symmetrized (SD1) with flux stabilization rings. The force factor exceeds 10. This driver component, while cut off at 200 Hz, is able to work perfectly up to 1500 Hz. This guarantees a perfect overlap between the woofer and midrange two octaves before and beyond the

cut-off frequency. For the same reason the midrange of the Grand Callas possesses a linear displacement of 12 mm peak-to-peak, which is also notable for a woofer design.


This displacement, apparently disproportionate, is exactly what you need to get pressure of 115 dB at 200 Hz The margin of safety is therefore more than adequate to ensure a level of intermodulation distortion that is very low. The diaphragm of the midrange is made with annealed polypropylene which has good internal dampning but low stiffness. Subjecting it to a heat stress allows it to acquire rigidity without losing too much

internal damping. The annealing, however, is a delicate process. Even the midrange has the magnetic circuit symmetrized with copper rings both above and below the T-shaped gap (a SEAS technology known as Excel).


The Scanspeak 9700 tweeter needs no introduction: it is one of the best tweeters ever made and, in some respects, is still unsurpassed. Currently, this tweeter is used on Opera models past and present such as Malibran, Caruso, Tebaldi and the new Opera Quinta 2014. Besides the excellent quality sound, this tweeter is also highly reliable.




Reflex, foorstanding with rear firing radiation system (dipole)


Finish in wood and leather. Bi-wiring. Support for spikes or wheels

Front Firing:        2 x 8” long-throw woofers, 1 x 7” midrange with polypropylene re-cooked cone and phase plug. 1 x 1” Scanspeak 9700 tweeter without ferrofluid and double decompression chamber

Rear Firing System           2 x1” tweeters in “natural dipole” assembly

Maximum tolerated power (Long Term)               240 Watt (without clipping) for musical programs with crest factor about 3 hrs

Maximum Power (short term)   500 Watt (without clipping) for musical programs with crest factor more than 5hrs

Frequency Range:           32hz – 25,000Hz

Impedance:        4 ohm (minimum > 3.2)

Sensitivity:          89 dB/2.83 Volt/1 meter

Connection:       Bi-Wiring

Dimensions:       130 x 31 x 55 cm (HxLxP)




Crossover on 2 PCB’s:


12 dB/ott. For woofers


12 dB/ott for midrange


18 dB/ott for the front tweeter


12 dB/ott for the reas tweeters

Crossover frequency:    Cross-over frequencies 200 e 2000 Hz (approx.

Dimensions:       106 x 24 x 40 (HxWxD)

Weight                 75 Kg each

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