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IsoAcoustics Aperta Sub Subwoofer Isolation Stand

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The IsoAcoustics Apeta Sub is made with a sculpted aluminium frame and patented IsoAcoustics integrated isolators, the Aperta Sub introduces a new standard in acoustic isolation for subwoofers. The Aperta Sub decouples the subwoofers from the supporting surface to prevent the physical transfer of energy that excites the supporting surface, causes room rattle and disturbs your neighbours. The patented IsoAcoustics isolation also prevents the subwoofer vibrations from reflecting on the supporting surface and being conducted back up the subwoofer cabinet. Managing these reflections eliminates muddy bass smear and reveals greater clarity and definition

IsoAcoustics Aperta Sub

IsoAcoustics Apeta Sub Key Features:

  • Isolates subwoofer from the floor preventing energy transfer
  • Tightens bass
  • Better sub-bass tonality
  • Carpet disks are included with the Aperta Sub for use on carpeted surfaces.
  • For Front and Side-Firing Subwoofers
  • For use with subwoofers up to 36.3Kg

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