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Michell TecnoArm Tonearm


$1,700.00 inc. GST

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Michell TecnoArm is born from Michell Engineering taking a Rega RB202 tonearm and completely modifying and rebuilding it. Michell bead blast and perforate the arm tube to disperse structural resonances and lower the arms effective mass. They then rewire the tonearm with the highest quality monolithic wiring, the head shell is machined flat for true azimuth and the Michell TechnoWeight is fitted. The result is a truly amazing transformation from a fairly basic tonearm to something very special!

Michell TecnoArm Key Features;

  • Two counterweights one for cartridges massing 3-6 grams, the another for cartridges massing 7-13 grams.
  • One metal tonearm end-stub.
  • One precision machined slide bush to carry the counter weight.
  • One precision vertical tracking force adjuster marked for 0.1 gram increments, which allows you to accurately set the vertical tracking force of your cartridge or stylus.

TechnoWeight is available separately and is a significant upgrade to any Rega RB202 and Rb303

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