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Knosti Disco Antistat Vinyl Cleaning System

$159.00 inc. GST


Why is the Knosti Disco Antistat Vinyl Cleaning System better than its competitor?

Four reasons why Knosti Disco Antistat Vinyl Cleaning System is the better ‘bath-type’ manual record cleaner
1. Knosti uses real goat hair brushes. Bristles penetrate grooves deeper than a felt pad, therefore giving a better clean
2. Knosti’s label clamp protects the record label from fluid during cleaning
3. No need to manually dry records after cleaning
4. No rollers or brushes to replace

Disco Antistat also features

  • Reusable fluid with the lowest surface tension of any record cleaning fluid on the market
  • Funnel and filter to easily transfer fluid from bath to fluid container for reuse
  • Drying rack to care care for your records whilst drying

This fantastic manually-operated machine is a dream come true for vinylphiles around the world and bridges the gap between the ‘cloth and fluid’ group of cleaners and the expensive machines.
Made in Germany

The affordable record cleaner.


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