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Soulines Kubrick DCX Turntable (Without Tonearm)

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“A few minutes later he caught his first glimpse of Space Station One, only a few miles away. The sunlight glinted and sparkled from the polished metal surfaces of the slowly revolving, three hundred-yard-diameter disk…. The central axis of the Space Station, with its docking arms extended, was now slowly swimming toward them. Unlike the structure from which it sprang, it was not rotating – or, rather, it was running in reverse at a rate which exactly countered the Station’s own spin. Thus a visiting spacecraft could be coupled to it, for the transfer of personnel or cargo, without being whirled disastrously around.”Arthur C. Clarke – 2001: A Space Odyssey
A 33.33rpm revolving, three hundred-millimeters-diameter disk, with its drive block and three docking arms-cone supports extending from the underneath. Tone-arm firmly mounted on its own curved extension, steadily track the grooves, transmitting the music and transferring emotions ……..Enter the Kubrick DCX turntable

Inspired by the S. Kubrick classic “2001: A Space Odyssey”, the Kubrick DCX turntable is conceived as smooth looking musical “space” object.

This is our most advanced turntable to date. Building around our inverted main bearing and Acrylic platter, developed for the Hermes DCX model, we designed a highly rigid aluminum plinth and sub-plinth, built from differently shaped layers-blocks, coupled together and strategically damped.
Design (dimensions, shape and arrangement of different openings/holes) of plinth and sub-plinth aluminum blocks employs Golden Ratio and Fibonacci sequence, thus gaining uniform vibration damping and the reduction of the Moment of inertia in all three planes (along all three axes) to the Center of mass.
Even though Kubrick DCX looks asymmetrical or unbalanced, it is in perfect balance, providing smooth platter rotation and steady tracking.

Drive mechanism utilizes high quality DC motor optimized for turntable use. Along with an easy operation and fine speed adjustment feature, an electronically controlled power supply provides stable current for smooth motor rotation.

Inverted main bearing, machined from solid brass and stainless steel to extremely high precision, and solid aluminum arm-board are mounted directly on the sub plinth which is in turn 3-point de-coupled from the main plinth in order to maximize performance and minimize acoustic break through. The motor assembly is mounted on the main plinth.

The turntable is supported by three adjustable cones machined from solid aluminum to allow levelling and provide optimum coupling to the surface that it sits on. Supporting cones are coupled to the main plinth by means of rubber-cork washers of different diameters, providing better vibration transmitting control.

Three different exchangeable arm-boards for 9″ tone-arms are included:
– SME arm-board – tone-arm pivot to spindle distance from 204-239mm
– Rega/Origin Live arm-board – tone-arm pivot to spindle distance 222mm
– Jelco arm-board – tone-arm pivot to spindle distance 214mm

To allow easy VTA setting (for the tone-arms without this feature), two sets of spacers of 6 and 8mm, are supplied.

Acrylic (Perspex) dust cover, the SA cover, and the high-performance rubber-cork mat are supplied as standard.

Kubrick DCX can be specified and delivered with high performance Jelco SA750D tone-arm fitted.

Drive: electronically controlled high quality DC motor
Speeds: 33.33 and 45.00 RPM with fine speed adjustment feature
Bearing: inverted solid brass/stainless steel; Derlin thrust plate
Platter: 40mm thick 3.2kg weighing, machined from laminated Acrylic
multi layered aluminum main plinth with 3-point de-coupled aluminum sub-plinth
Tone-arm: can be specified with Jelco SA750D
Finish: sandblasted and fine-brushed silver anodized aluminum
3 exchangeable arm-boards for 9″ tone-arms; SME, Rega, Jelco
2 sets of spacers of 6 and 8mm (for VTA setting)
SA cover, the Acrylic (Perspex) made dust cover
Power: AC 230V/50Hz; DC input 12V/300mA
Dimensions: 470x350x160mm (WxDxH) overall; 400x350mm (WxD) footprint
Net weight: 10.5kg
Packaging: 530x400x260mm (WxDxH)
Shipping weight: 13.5kg


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