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Acoustic Signature Invictus Turntable

$190,700.00 inc. GST


The Acoustic Signature Invictus turntable represents the pinnacle of Acoustic Signatures engineering and design prowess. The Invictus comprises of 479 individuality hand crafted components resulting a pure turntable mastery. In addition up to 4 tonearms can be equipped to the Invicus allowing complete flexibility in achieving musical nirvana!

Acoustic Signature Invictus key features;

  • Aluminium, brass Sandwich construction
  • 33 and 45 rpm, 78 as option if required
  • 6 motor drive system with DSP controller
  • TIDORFOLON Bearing
  • 345 mm 3 tier brass Sandwich platter with 54 Silencers

Tonearms, cartridges and stand sold separately

Dimensions WHD: approx 800mm X 350mm X 730mm

Weight: 143kg

Colour: Aluminum

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Acoustic Signature turntables sound best with SoundSmith cartridges


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