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Vicoustic design, develop and manufacture a vast range of acoustic treatment for domestic and commercial premises. The company offers treatment for sound isolation installed during the building stage and internal room treatment fitted off once the room or area is complete.

VMT Panel

VMT Panel is a superb way to acoustically treat your room seamlessly with an expansive selection of designs and colours to choose from or create your own pattern. With VMT the entire wall becomes an acoustic treatment

Home Cinema & Hi-FI

If you are seeking optimal performance out of your Home Cinema or Hi-Fi the equipment that you have invested considerable money in can only provide part of the end result, your room will play a large part in how your equipment will perform, by acoustically treating your room and reducing reverberations and reflections you are able to extract every last detail from your system ensuring a truly immersive experience!


Acoustic Treatment For The Workplace

If you have an issue with room noise, excessive echo, can't hear yourself think of have trouble understanding what someone is saying across the table Sydney Hi-Fi Castle Hill can help! Restaurants, cafes, meeting rooms, boardrooms, training rooms, reception areas, the list goes on of areas that can be made a better place to work, meet or eat with acoustic treatment. Talk to our friendly staff about what Vicoustic can do for your workplace and creating quieter more tranquil environments.


Expert Design Service

Vicoustic have an Acoustic panel to suit the requirements of every room. If you are not sure about what panel to put where to get the best experience out of your system and room Vicoustic have an in house design team and are able to computer model your room to assure the best placement and optimal performance


We have an in house team of highly experienced installers available to install your Vicoustic acoustic treatment with great care and precision

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