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Wisdom Audio Immersive Audio Cinema

As our customer desired a room where he could be immersed in a movie or sit back and relax while listening to his favourite music, we were tasked with developing a solution for a high-performance cinema that could also serve as a high-grade Hi-Fi system. Our customer also desired a seamless appearance, with components hidden wherever possible.

Wisdom Audio was chosen as the speaker solution because of their reputation in the theatre business for flush fitting line array speakers and immersive audio speaker systems. The Wisdom Audio line array speaker's design also assures excellent two-channel Hi-Fi performance.


To provide the brains and muscle, Trinnov signal processing mixed with Parasound Halo amplification was required. To offer cutting-edge video, a combination of Barco Residential projection and Screen Innovations Transformer screen was used. Torus was responsible for power protection for the high-quality componentry.

Australian first!  The first Screen Innovations Transformer Screen to be sold and installed in the country!

Building the Room

Working with one of Australia's premier construction companies, we began with a concrete box that was framed out, pre-wired, and acoustically treated. After installing the joinery and equipment, the walls were fabric-lined and the floor was carpeted.

Wisdom Audio Immersive Audio Cinema
Wisdom Audio Immersive Audio Cinema


The finished area looks sleek and expansive, and you'd never guess there are thirteen speakers and two subwoofers until you hear the system in action.

Our extremely particular client, who has previously owned numerous dedicated theatres, is overjoyed with the outcome, remarking that he cannot believe there is so much detail and bone-shaking levels of volume without seeing a single speaker. The Wisdom Audio Line array speakers are very unique