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Sydney Hi-Fi Castle Hill Custom Installation

If you are Building, Renovating or just want to enjoy movies and music in your exiting home Sydney Hi-Fi Castle Hill's custom division is here to help

At Sydney Hi-Fi Castle Hill we have a dedicated Custom Installation team with over 60 years combined experience in the sales, design and installation of multi-room audiovisual systems, home cinema, networks, surveillance, intercom and security systems. Our custom team will listen to your requirements, propose a system for you and your family based on your needs and budget. Once satisfied with the proposal submitted we will install your new system in a timely fashion with great care and precision. Once your new system is up and running we feel it is very important to continue to support you as a valued client for many years to come whether it be some help remembering how part of your system operates or servicing your system, we are always happy to help!

We strongly believe in quality systems that deliver the best performance for your budget and requirements. The information listed below may help paint a better picture of what we offer and what is possible.

Please feel free to book a time with one of our friendly staff members to go through your needs.  

Building or Renovating? BEWARE!

Pre-Wiring is a MUST

The importance of having AV and data cables run at the right time during your homes build or renovation is VITAL! The vast majority of home building companies and builders do not have a greater understanding of AV and networking and some just don’t care. If you do not have cables installed before gyprock sheeting is applied to your walls and ceiling the cost to seamlessly connect your equipment, TV/Projector and speakers can be in some examples more than four times if possible at all! Not to mention the mess.

Please give our custom installation division a call today to discuss pre-wiring further

In house Services Offered:

Our in house custom installation team can assist you with the following services

System designs - Pre-wire and cabling serviceCustom CinemaSurround soundMulti-Room AudiovisualWireless access pointsWired network infrastructureControl and automationPower protection systems LightingIntercomSecuritySurveillanceHi-Fi systemsFinal installationSystem ProgrammingCalibrationSupport

A Guide to Key Areas for Audiovisual in a home:

Sydney Hi-Fi Castle Hill has been custom installing audiovisual systems into homes for more than 20 years and over this time we have come to understand and appreciate what systems work best and what areas within your home get the most use over time, we have listed some of these key areas around the home where audiovisual is tried and tested.

  • Surround sound in the media room, living, rumpus or lounge (to enjoy sports and movies, TV shows and feel like you are right in the middle of the action)
  • Dedicated Cinema (You will rarely go out to the movie theatres again! We have also noticed more and more people with teenagers are looking for ways to have their children socialise at home under a watchful eye or two, having friends around to watch the big game or a movie, swim in the pool, BBQ etc. is very popular)
  • Kitchen (the kitchen is the meeting place in a lot of homes and if you like to cook having music playing in the background is a winner)
  • Lounge/Retreat audio zone (if you plan to have an area where you just kick back and relax music is vital)
  • Bathroom where a bathtub is fitted (Who wouldn't like to listen to some nice music in the bath?)
  • Study (if you spend time in the study or work from home having some background music playing is good for the soul)
  • Alfresco (we live in a country that loves alfresco dining and entertaining music is a must for this area, maybe even a TV!)
  • Pool (why wouldn't you have music by the pool?)

There are so many possibilities and options available to you when you are in the building or renovating stage it would be best advised to contact one of our friendly staff, book a time to meet at our showroom and be guided through the possibilities first hand, that way we can also access your individual needs and design a system to suit you.

Sydney Hi-Fi Castle Hill Custom Project Process

If you are building a new home, renovating or just looking to add an AV system to your living room, home cinema or entire home there is a process to work through to achieve a professional finish and outstanding results!

Please see listed below a step by step explanation of how our custom process works!

Sales and System Design Consultancy

  1. Before getting in contact with us, think about the areas around your home that you would like to enjoy video and or audio, if you are new to all of this use the guidelines listed above to give you an idea on the key areas that we are often installing into our client's homes
  2. If you would like to build a home cinema we will require the length, width and ceiling height plus location of windows and doors for us to understand what we are working with and provide an appropriate solution
  3. It is vital to indicate what you would like to spend on your new system. (we offer home theatre equipment from $3,000 to well over a million dollars! so you can imagine there is quite a range of product and price points available!)
  4. If have any existing components that you would like us to integrate into your new system a brand and model will come in handy!


Once you have considered steps 1 through 4 give our friendly staff a call or better still pop into our showroom for a first-hand tour of what we have on offer and sit with one of our custom installation specialists to go through your requirements. (if you are building or renovating bring your plans!)

The next step once we have a clear understanding of your budget and requirements we go to work to design a system specifically for you and provide you with an initial proposal. We find we can offer the best results by designing individual systems as opposed to providing packages as we realise and appreciate that everyone is different and every project has different requirements.

You will have questions about the initial proposal you receive and there may be some fine-tuning to be done to make the system yours. We strongly stress not to be shy and ask your custom designer as many questions as you like! this helps the design process making sure we have covered all of your requirements! We would much rather field a question before the finalisation of your system than have you disappointed after!

Wiring Diagrams, 3D Room Modelling and Pre-wire

Once you are satisfied with the systems and options offered, the next step is we take a retaining deposit on the equipment required for your project. This then allows our custom designers to 3D model the cinema room if necessary plus generate wiring diagrams in readiness for pre-wire.

We pre-wire your project around the same time as the electrician is running his cables before the walls and ceiling being sheeted. You will be invoiced for pre-wire labour and cables upon pre-wire completion.

Installation and Completion of Works

From the point of the walls being sheeted your project flows in the following order;

  1. Once gyprock is up we cut all flush speaker holes prior to painting
  2. Once the walls and ceiling are painted and the home is secure we fit all flush ceiling speakers to minimise any ladder work on your new floors! You will then be invoiced for the balance of the flush speakers and their installation once flush speaker fit off is complete.
  3. Once you are ready for final installation to commence we will require the balance of the equipment invoice to be finalised prior to the day of final installation commencement.
  4. Once all works are complete and you are comfortable with the operation of the system you will be invoiced for installation labour, programming and any accessories used.

The Final part of the custom installation process is client support! Whether this is as simple as popping around to run through the operation of the system or checking a piece of equipment we are always available, once you are a Sydney Hi-Fi Castle Hill customer we intend to keep you!


DIY or Contractors

If you are a hands-on person or are in a trade where you have the opportunity to use some of the equipment we offer please get in contact with one of our custom staff members and have a conversation about your requirements. We would like to make ourselves available to assist you in any way we can for you to achieve the best result possible for you and or your clients.

Book an Appointment to Meet with a Custom Staff Member

Please call us on (02) 9989 9079 or Fill out the form below to have one of our custom installation division staff members contact you to organise a date and time to meet and discuss your project

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