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Welcome to the Sydney Hifi Castle Hill Showroom

Krix MX 7.2.4 Cinema plus Bowers & Wilkins 7.2.4 cinema in one room!

Bowers & Wilkins Flush speaker 7.2.2 cinema

No expense spared two channel listing room

Turntable Display Rega, Acoustic Signature, Denon, Audio Technica, Soullines

Turntable Display Music Hall, Thorens, Soullines

Audio Physic and Opera Speakers, Vicoustic

Chord, Unison Research, Lavardin , Acoustic Signature, Turus, Bassocontinuo

B&W; 802 D3, 804 D3, Chord Electronics, Soulines, Bassocontinuo, Vicoustic

Legacy Audio, Parasound, Soulines, Quadraspire, Unison Research

Kharma, Karan, Acoustic Signature, Bassocontinuo, Weiss

Kharma S7 sig, DB9 sig, DB7 Sig, Vicoustic


High End Statement Room Kharma Speakers, Chord Electronics, Vicoustic

High End Statement Room Kharma Speakers, Chord Electronics, Vicoustic

Sennheiser, Audioquest

Audio Technica, Sennheiser, B&W;, AiAIAI, Bose

Analysis Plus & Audioquest cable

Bowers and Wilkins, Krix, Sonos

Krix, B&W;, Marantz, Yamaha, REL, Sunfire, Sonos, RTI

B&W; 803 D3, 805 D3, PS Audio, Bassocontinuo, Screen Innovations

Bowers and Wilkins flush speaker display

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