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Home Automation can revolutionise how you live in a home day to day providing control over your homes services at the touch of a button via phones, tablets, touchscreens and keypads. Then there is scheduled programming based on the time of day plus the ability to cause a change in state of services in your home due to light, temperature. wind speed or rain.

A few key things to consider when deciding if home automation is for you;

  1. Home automation is not cheap!
  2. Ask your builder if third party companies like us are allowed on site if not no automation!

  3. Automated lighting wires differently to conventional so this discussion needs to be made early to inform the electrician on how the home is to be wired

  4. Engage an integrator like ourselves early, there is a lot involved with the planning and design of an automated home
  5. We need to know if the air conditioning, blinds, fans, fireplace etc can integrate into an automation system. Always ask the contractor when specifying each service “Will this integrate with Control4?” if they don’t know ask them to find out!

Some of the services that are capable of being automated;

  • Lighting
  • Blinds , shutters & Louvers
  • Air conditioning
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Alarm system & access control
  • Intercom
  • Garage doors
  • Under floor heating
  • Windows
  • Water features & Irrigation
  • Driveway gate
  • Multi-Room Music
  • Multi-Room Video
  • Home Theatre
  • Pools

How much is my automation system going to cost?

Accurately estimating a whole home automation system is difficult just as difficult as understanding exactly how much it is going to cost to build your home before you start. The choices you make along the way will for 99% of you inevitably change the final figure. Call in and have a conversation with one of our custom team and be ready to provide a full set of plans once we understand your requirements & review your plans we will provide you with an initial loose figure which will allow you to decide if automation is for you

If this initial price is affordable and you wish to proceed we will need lock down how many switchable lighting loads you will have plus we will need the make & model of the services you wish to include to proved a detailed and more accurate estimate

Please understand due to the massive amount of time we spend on design, wiring, installing, programming and commissioning your new automation system plus the amount of aftersales service required to ensure the home is configured to your liking pricing for automation is non negotiable.

Why Control4?

Over the last several years the Control4 has become number one across the planet for automation. Control4 offers in house solutions for control, lighting, networking, intercom, surveillance, audio and video resulting in a truly amazing range of products designed to seamlessly integrate with each other

You ae able to access your Control4 automated home from anywhere in the world with internet access from your phone or tablet. Access from inside the home is available via keypads, touchscreens, voice and again phones and tablets

Another reason for choosing Control4 is support. Automated homes are complicated beasts and we need to know that assistance is only a phone call away if we experience an issue and because most of the key items for our automated homes come from Control4 there is no passing the buck if an issue arises

All of our key custom division staff members are fully Control4 automation programmer certified!


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