Projectors are the only option if you want a true cinema experience. If you are concerned about the image quality don’t be, today’s projectors deliver brilliant image quality. Modern Projection handles motion with ease and is excellent for sports and gaming. We offer a large range of 16:9 widescreen projectors as well as Cinemascope for the ultimate movie experience. We also offer projectors that will operate in well-lit areas.

We offer quality projection brands like Barco Residential, JVC, Benq and Optoma and only offer the latest in DLP and IDLA technologies

$4,999.00 inc. GST
$3,910.00 inc. GST
$2,999.00 inc. GST
$8,999.00 inc. GST
$10,999.00 inc. GST
$16,999.00 inc. GST
$24,999.00 inc. GST
$40,999.00 inc. GST
$4,999.00 inc. GST
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