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Sydney Hi-Fi Castle Hill

Sydney Hi-Fi Castle Hill

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Who We Are

Sydney Hi-Fi Castle Hill has been operating in the hills district area for over twenty-five years. In this time, we have gained vast experience in all facets of our industry and are at the top of our game. Most importantly we have gained a very clear understanding on how to satisfy your needs, a great amount of our customer base all over Australia is not concerned with the intricate workings of a home cinema, Hi-Fi or whole home systems and that’s ok with us! It’s our job to worry about the finer points so you just get to enjoy a great system comprising of high-quality brand name products that meet your budget and usage requirements! We have a great team of staff members with many years of industry experience from sales, turntable setup, system design, custom installation, programming and most importantly customer support. We offer products and services including but not limited to Chord Electronics, Bowers and Wilkins and more. Our goal is to gain you as a customer and never lose you!

Learn more about our in house custom installation division

We offer a lot of components that require custom installation for best performance and seamless integration into your home our highly trained in house custom installation team is equipped to meet and exceed your requirements

Our Showroom

The showroom features seven dedicated sound lounges, including a custom Dolby Atmos/DTS X cinema. A visit to our store is a true experience for the AV enthusiast and don’t worry if you’re not we are here to help.

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