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At Sydney Hi-Fi Castle Hill we love Krix, we love that the product is Australian made, we love that company is family-owned and run business just like ours, we love that great care and passion goes into each product and we have a lot of input to how products are developed, we love the wide range of speakers that are suitable for almost every application but most importantly we love Krix performance and sound.


If you want a real cinema experience look no further, Most speaker manufacturers design a speaker with stereo music in mind and then offer a similar spec centre speaker so the three can be used as Left, Centre and Right for home theatre. KRIX on the other hand offers the SX, MX and X series of products that have been designed specifically for home cinema by the same engineers that design and build large scale commercial cinemas.

“I have not experienced such vocal clarity and pure cinematics as the KRIX SX, MX & X range of speakers in my 20 plus years in the custom cinema business”

states Sydney Hi-Fi Castle Hill’s head cinema designer Michael Bigley

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Home Cinema Packages

Krix MX-10 Package

$15,139.00$18,794.00 inc. GST
$1,295.00$1,470.00 inc. GST
$2,895.00 inc. GST
$4,995.00 inc. GST

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