Krix MX 40 Demonstration


Our Krix MX 40 Demonstration room has been designed to showcase one of our most popular cinema speaker systems and to provide you with a real-world example of what can be achieved in your home. The Krix MX modular systems represent extremely good value for money outperforming other speaker systems that cost triple the price. If you want to experience the closest representation to a big commercial cinema at home, please take some time to pay us a visit and experience this system for yourself!

KRIX MX 40 demonstration room
Krix MX
Krix MX
  • Krix Flagship MX-40 wall (front, centre, left and two 18″ subwoofers mounted behind the screen)
  • Krix Megaphonix on wall speakers (surround and rear surround)
  • Krix Stratospherix flush ceiling speakers (front and rear overhead Atmos)
  • Trinnov Altitude 32/24 immersive sound AV processor
  • Storm Audio 16 channel power amplifier
  • Yamaha PX subwoofer amplifier
  • Kaleidoscape Movie Server
  • Barco Balder native 4K cinemascope projector
  • Screen Innovations 4K 133″ cinemascope acoustically transparent screen
  • Vicoustic acoustic treatment
  • Moovia Stockholm cinema chairs
  • Custom built walls and ceiling with RGB LED lighting
  • Analysis Plus speaker cable and audio interconnects
  • Audioquest Video interconnects
  • Control4 automation and control

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