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The Auris W9 Tone Arm has precision and quality written all over it. With its anti-skating system, and Van den Hull® wires, you can be sure that there’s nothing standing in between you and your music.

This arm will give you ultra-smooth listening experiences with its ultra-low friction and VTA adjustment of 10mm. You’ll be able to listen for hours on end without getting tired or feeling like your ears are being strained by an uncomfortable sound quality. With this arm, every note will sound exactly as it should!

Auris W9 Specifications:

Weight 345 gr / 0.76 lbs
Size 9″
Effective length 229 mm / 9″
Mounting distance 211 mm / 8.30″
Effective mass 12 gr / 0.026 lbs
Tilt Angel 24°
Overhang 18 mm / 0.7″
Cartridge compliance 6-14 gr / 0.013-0.030 lbs
Mounting 3 x M4 screws
Raster diameter 43 mm / 1.69″
Mounting hole 30mm / 1.18″
Arm Tube 1mm wall thickness – carbon
Cable material Van den Hul
Connectors DIN 5 male
VTA 10mm / 0.39″
Color Black
Auris W9 & W10 Tonearms to buy in Castle Hill NSW
Auris W9 Tonearm
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