Bowers & Wilkins CCM382 Flush Ceiling Speaker

$649.00 inc. GST

The Bowers & Wilkins CCM382 Flush Ceiling Speaker represents the start of our eight-inch flush-fitting speaker range. Please know that there are cheaper speakers of this type on the market however we choose not to offer them for quality and performance reasons. You do not need to worry about performance or quality issues with the CCM382! the build quality is what you would expect from Bowers & Wilkins and the performance is quite surprising. We use the CCM 382 often for covered alfresco areas, for homes with higher ceilings or for basic home theatres rear surround speakers. If you need assistance with designing and or installing flush speaker systems for multi-room audio or surround sound don’t hesitate to get in contact with our custom installation division. Our custom manager is generally always available to assist!

Bowers & Wilkins CCM382 Flush Ceiling Speaker key features;

  • supplied with cut out template for ease of installation
  • Sounds great with most amplifiers
  • Paintable


  • Frame Diameter: 290mm
  • Cut-out diameter: 253mm
  • Depth behind surface: 85mm
  • Protrusion: 4mm

Weight 0.69kg

Finish White

Supplied as pair

6” or 8” speakers?

8” speakers deliver lower bass and will provide a better full frequency reproduction of the content played, ideal for larger rooms, ceilings 2.7 or higher, alfresco areas, performance home cinema or where you just want better quality music/movie playback!

6” speakers don’t go as low in bass frequency as the 8” versions however they can be a little bit faster providing better detail in some instances. Great for smaller rooms with ceilings 2.7 meters or lower, also the 6” flush speaker range is an excellent product for home cinema and surround sound where a subwoofer is also used.

For more information on custom installation and our custom installation division click HERE

Download Info Sheet PDF HERE

Bowers & Wilkins CCM382 Flush Ceiling Speaker
Bowers & Wilkins CCM382 Flush Ceiling Speaker
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