Chord Electronics 2YU Digital Interface for 2GO

$1,000.00 inc. GST

The Chord Electronics 2YU turns the Chord Electronics 2GO into a stand-alone music streamer for any system.2YU is compatible with any DAC and is a Roon certified endpoint making the 2GO/2YU combination extremely versatile for multi-room music applications where high-quality audio is a must. 2YU/2GO can also be combined with the award-winning Chord Electronics Mscaler for absolute music goodness.

Chord Electronics 2YU


Chord Electronics 2YU Key Features:

  • 2YU/2GO combination will work with any DAC
  • Ultra-low jitter design
  • Micro USB powered


  •  1.5m 5v 2a Switching Micro USB Power Supply
  • Get started with 2yu guide
  •  Cotton Drawstring Bag


In order for 2yu to inherit streaming/music transport capabilities or function as an audio interface, a connection with 2go is required.

Power supply:

Micro USB (5v 1amp minimum required)

PCM and DSD support:

44.1kHz – 768kHZ (16bit – 32bit) | DSD 64 to DSD 256 (via DoP)

Sample rate converter:

Integrated, automatic downsampling is provided if a higher sample rate is being played than the output can support.

Digital audio outputs:

USB Type-A (up-to 768kHz or DSD 256), BNC or RCA coax (up-to 384kHz or DSD 128) and Optical (up-to 96kHz or DSD 64)

Processing power:


Available in Silver or Black

Note: Pictured above with Chord Electronics 2GO sold separately. Click HERE



Chord Electronics 2YU
Chord Electronics 2YU Digital Interface for 2GO
$1,000.00 inc. GST Select options
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