Densen Densen DP Drive/DP06 Phono Stage Ex-Demonstration

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The Densen DP Drive/DP06 phono preamplifier combination provides excellent fidelity thanks to the DP drives light source connection. The included Denson DP-06 module is for moving coil and moving magnet cartridges.

Special Ex-demonstration price of $1,386 store pick up only, freight can be arranged at an extra cost

Densen DP Drive/DP06 Phono preamplifier combination Info:

Densen DP-Drive Chassis
The DP-Drive is a docking station for the DP-01 MM and DP-04 MM / MC boards and comes with a separate precise power regulator power supply. Regardless of the board used, the DP-Drive is a complete RIAA phono stage. Do not be fooled by the low price; it offers the best of Densen design. In one word: Musicality.

Densen DP-06 MM+MC Module

The new DP-04 and DP-06 are based on the very popular DP-02MC stage. These new designs have been redesigned and improved with even better sound circuits. The DP-02 lightbulbs have been replaced with LEDs in the sophisticated light-driven power supply, ensuring very clean power for the delicate circuits to give an extremely noise-free and musical performance from any MC or MM cartridges. The use of LEDs instead of lightbulbs brings an end to the problem of lightbulb malfunction after a couple of years.


Densen DP Drive
Densen Densen DP Drive/DP06 Phono Stage Ex-Demonstration
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