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The Elektra HD2 7 multichannel power amplifier has been carefully designed using the very best of components by Australian amplifier legend Author Rappos to reproduce full high-resolution audio from all of the latest movie soundtrack formats. This means you hear all the movie soundtracks as the studio mastering engineers intend; clearly and without distortion.

The Elektra Theatre HD2 range achieves extremely low distortion across the entire audio band 20 to 20 Khz and features a case solidly constructed with integrated heat sinks as part of the structural assembly. This makes for a mechanically rigid housing and provides isolation from extraneous noise, all elegantly finished in textured anodized matte black. Elektra’s craftsmanship, innovative design, and construction together with their reputable support service mean that you will be very happy with your purchase demonstrated by an unforgettable home entertainment experience.

Electra HD 2 amplifiers are available in 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7 channel versions ideal for home cinema when combined with one of our Home Cinema Processors

Electra HD2 7 Channel Power Amplifier Key Information:

Designed and built in Australia

Power per Channel(RMS) 

  • 7 Channels at 8ohms 190watts
  • 7 Channels at 6ohms 225watts
  • Damping Factor >5000

Dynamic Power (RMS)

  • 8Ohms 200watts
  • 4Ohms 400watts
  • THD@1Khz <0.0001%
  • THD <0.001%20-20Kh
  • Frequency Response 3Hz-250kHz.+0,-3d
  • PSSR 85dB
  • Balanced Input 47KΩ+47KΩ
  • RCA Input 47KΩ

Also Featured:

  • Single Potted Silent Power Transformer
  • Discrete Power Amplifier Circuitry
  • Banana Plug Speaker Connectors
  • 12V Trigger

Elektra HD2 7 Dimensions:

445mm(w) x 370mm(d) x 160mm(h)



Front Panel Design

Elektra, KRIX

Elektra HD2 7
Elektra HD2 7 Power Amplifier 7X190watt
$4,400.00 inc. GST Select options
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