IsoAcoustic Aperta 100 Isolation Stands

$269.00 inc. GST

Add IsoAcoustic Aperta 100 Isolation Stands to your bookshelf speakers or studio monitors and be amazed at the sonic transformation that takes place. The Aperta range of stands will tighten bass, focus sound stage and allow you to hear nuances in music that you you haven’t heard before in your speakers! Not convinced? pop into our showroom for a first hand demonstration, you will be amazed.

Hi-Fi World Review

IsoAcoustic Aperta 100 Key features:

  • Speaker Isolation Stands, suitable for small to medium-sized bookshelf, or floor standing speaker.
  • Built-in tilt adjustment that can be dialled-in 6.5° up and down.
  • Designed to accommodate speakers weighing < 18kg (ea.)
  • Dimensions: 155 x 190 x 75 (W x D x H)

4 feet, 8 feet

IsoAcoustic Aperta 100
IsoAcoustic Aperta 100 Isolation Stands
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