IsoAcoustic Gaia 1 Acoustic Isolation Feet

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IsoAcoustic Gaia 1 Acoustic Isolation Feet are designed to enhance the sound stage and imaging of larger floor standing speakers and subwoofers with a weight of 100kg or less per speaker. The construction of the feet decouples the speakers from the floor via the IsoAcoustics patented internal suspension system. You will experience an amazing openness to the sound stage of your speakers like never before, Gaia feet are an excellent way to upgrade your system without changing the major components!

IsoAcoustic Gaia 1 Key Features

  • Isolating Feet for Speakers, Subwoofers and Audio Equipment up to 100kg (per setof four feet)
  • Provides high degree of isolation, resists oscillations & lateral movements.
  • Maintains speaker alignment with listening position.
  • Internal reflections from hard-supporting surface are attenuated.
  • Result is greater sound clarity and openness.
  • Delivered in set of 4 in luxury leather presentation box.
  • Includes threads in sizes M12, M8, and 1/4-20.
  • Height: 40mm. Width: 62mm

4 feet, 8 feet

IsoAcoustic Gaia 1
IsoAcoustic Gaia 1 Acoustic Isolation Feet
$999.00$1,898.00 inc. GST Select options
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