Karan Acoustics POWERa Mono Power Amplifiers

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There are few amplifiers in the world that you would consider an end game purchase, we consider Karan Acoustics POWERa mono power amplifiers to be amongst this prestigious few. The POWERa reference mono’s deliver 2100 watts into 8ohm, 3600 watts into 4ohm and 6000 watts into 2ohm. Designed and Hand-built in Serbia with only the very best components the POWERa will drive any speaker with absolute precision and grip. POWERa replaces the KA M 2000 mono amplifiers which were part of our showroom statement system for many years which we consider to be the best sounding amplifiers we had heard until now!

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Karan POWERa mono amplifier



Karan Acoustics POWERa Mono Amplifier inside

Karan Acoustics POWERa Specifications:

INPUTS: 1 balanced (XLR) and 1 unbalanced (RCA)
INPUT IMPEDANCE: 30 kOhm (balanced/unbalanced)
INPUT SENSITIVITY: 1.25 V/RMS (for max output)
GAIN: + 36dB
XLR PIN LAYOUT: PIN 1-ground, PIN 2-positive signal, PIN 3-negative signal
POWEROUTPUT: 2.100/3.600/6.000W at 8/4/2 ohm (peak power output: 2.400W at 8ohm)
FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 20 Hz to 20 kHz, +/-0 dB;
DISTORTION: THD 0.03% (IMD 0.03%)
SPEED: Rise and Settling time < 450 ns, Slew rate 1.500 V/us (Amplification stages)
SIGNAL TO NOISE RATIO: > 120 dB (unweighted)
POWER SUPPLY: 2pcs of 2.700VA low noise toroidal transformers, 210.000uF custom made capacitors bank
AC VOLTAGE: 230 V (nominal line voltage)
AC VOLTAGE RANGE: +/- 10% (from nominal line voltage)
WARRANTY: 5 years, parts and labor
NET DIMENSIONS: 504 x 292 x 603mm (whd)
NETWEIGHT: 105kg (each)
PACKAGE DIMENSIONS: 720 x 410 x 820mm (whd)
PACKAGEWEIGHT: 130kg  (each)
Karan Acoustics POWERa Mono Power Amplifiers
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