Lavardin Model ISx Integrated Amplifier

$4,700.00 inc. GST

The Lavardin Model ISx is a full-width design with unrivalled Lavardin Technology, build quality and design philosophy, in particular the circuits and components which virtually eliminate the effects of memory distortion. The new X circuits bring a major improvement in transparency and micro dynamics over its predecessor the Model IS.
The Model ISx will definitely bring you closer to the music and give you a purity and clarity that no other amplifier, even those far outside its price range, can achieve. Its extreme transparency, over the full bandwidth, is in contrast with mid-band focused transparency of the best tube amplifiers. Its micro dynamics, never aggressive, clumsy or confused is in contrast with almost all transistor and digital amplifiers.

By design, Lavardin Technologies amplifiers are the less load-sensitive amplifiers ever made. Consequently, virtually all speakers will be driven at their best whatever their size and technology. This fantastic power handling allows measuring over 104W per channel on 2-ohm loads out of the Model ISx and 50w on 8ohm.

Larvardin Model ISX for sale in Castle Hill New South Wales

Lavardin Model ISx Specifications:

Inputs 4 on gold plated high-quality hand mounted cinch connector
Input impedance 10Kohms
Input sensibility 330 millivolts
Bypass input factory option on input 1
MM phono input factory option on input 4
Remote Volume control factory option
Input selection sealed relays
Relay contact gold, silver, palladium alloy
Output power 2×50 W RMS on 8 Ohms / maximum 2×104 W on 2 Ohms
Output impedance nominal 8 Ohms
Harmonic distortion 0,005% @ max output
Technology High Speed and low Memory Distortion Solid-State Circuits
Lavardin Technologies Design
Size (mm) H 80 L 430 P 340
Case material non-magnetic aluminium 3mm chassis 6mm front face
Finish Black anodised and painted high-grade aluminium
Weight 6,5 Kg net (13 lbs)
Power consumption 32 watts idle; 180 watts maximum


Lavardin Model ISX to buy in Castle Hill NSW
Lavardin Model ISx Integrated Amplifier
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