Legacy Audio Xtreme XD Subwoofer

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The Legacy Audio Xtreme XD subwoofer has the power and speed to keep up with the largest of floor standing speakers. Dynamic braking, a new 15” driver with spun aluminium black cone and a massive 35 lb. magnet structure, plus 15″ passive radiator and additional ICEpower® amplification make this unit absolutely world-class. Bass with BOUNCE, not boom.

Legacy Audio Xtreme XD Features and Specifications:

Legacy subwoofers are not just gorgeous pieces of furniture but have the guts and internal volume to get the job done efficiently. The Xtreme XD features a solid granite black inlay and a new 15” driver with spun aluminium black cone and a massive 35 lb. magnet structure. This active 15″ driver features an extended stroke and is coupled with a 15″ passive radiator, mounted on the bottom of the gorgeous cabinet.

The front-mounted preamp control panel allows continuous adjustment of level, crossover frequency, and phase. A special blend of EQ control assures perfect integration with your speaker system. The internal amplifier modules are renowned ICEpower® design. These extremely reliable, wideband units are of the same type used in our flagship systems.

The 1000 watt Xtreme XD also incorporates a dynamic braking coil that utilizes driver back EMF to counter overshoot as the driver reverses direction or comes to a halt.

Using two or more carefully positioned and phased subwoofers can further reduce distortion, minimize response variation due to room modes and enhance transient response.



  • Articulate sub with heavy impact and deep bass extension

System Type:

  • Subwoofer mass-loaded, pneumatically coupled


  • 15″ spun aluminium spun core 560 oz motor structure, dynamic braking


  • 15″ mass loaded down-firing

Low-Frequency Alignment:

  • 6th Order/Back EMF cancelling circuit


  • LFE, L/R RCA, balanced XLR

Internal Amplification:

  • 1000 Watts Ultra efficient ICEpower®

Freq. Response (Hz, +/- 2dB):

  • 16-100


  • 10K Ohm Amp Input

Phase Adjustment:

  • Continuous +/-180

Blend EQ:

  • +/- 12 dB @45Hz

Max SPL:

  • 123 dB @1m

Low Pass Filter Slope:

  • 18 dB per octave

Crossover (Hz):

  • 40-100

Dimensions (HxWxD, inches):

  • 27.375 x 18.25 x 18.25


  • 120 lbs

Colour Options:

Note: Price and build time varies depending on the colour

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