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The Les Davis 33 1/3D Record Slipmat use the same technology and materials used for the very successful 3D-2 isolation pads.  Using constrained layer damping technology to suppress in-room vibrations the 33 1/3D is placed between the turntable’s platter and record allowing the stylus to operate with far less vibration. We have a 33 1/3D on demonstration so please pop in and hear the difference for yourself!

Les Davis Audio 33 1/3D Info:

  • Constrained layer damping involves a viscoelastic material that is sandwiched between two layers of a stiffer material
  • Technology primarily used in the aerospace and aviation industry
  • Experience reduced noise floor and fuller sounding music

The 3D² Technology.

Constrained Layer Damping is a well researched scientific innovation with many applications. Involved is the simple process of having a viscoelastic material (simply more flexible) pressed between two layers of a more sturdy material, which ultimately regulates the vibration output of the target component.

All electronic components including your speakers and CD players inherently suffer from wasted potential due to the vibrations caused by the electrical and mechanical process by which they operate. In your home audio system, at every connection, from the power socket to CD player to speaker, there is a gradual loss of energy and potential, which ultimately leads to a completely avoidable, inferior experience.

Les Davis Audio has devoted its expertise in audio to completely remove the barrier for the ultimate audio and visual system of any household, maximising the potential of any electronic component.

Shearing Effect

Les Davis Audio uses a reinforced soft aluminium compound (Damping Layer) that is sandwiched between a premium polymeric laminate (Constraining Layer). This structure when undergoing mechanical vibrations generated by components, which negatively affects the final audio/visual output, moves laterally. This process converts the vibration into low-level heat improving the performance of any component Les Davis Audio is used on. This is known as the Shearing Effect.

What Sets Les Davis Apart

The Les Davis Difference has been in the choice of materials, the replicated multilayering have been carefully chosen over many years of testing. Each product is designed to remove the noise inducing vibration in many parts of an audio system. Vibration control is point specific


In each case, 3D² makes a significant sonic difference in the overall sound. The noise floor is reduced. Music sounds fuller, with a more visceral impact. The effect is not subtle–you will hear a considerable difference when you use 3D² in your audio system.

Les Davis Audio 33 1/3D record mat
Les Davis Audio 33 1/3D Record Slipmat
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