Luma Surveillance 310 Series NVR Network Video Recorder

$1,530.00$2,652.00 inc. GST

The Luma Surveillance 310 Series NVR offers solid performance, limited navigation control integration, and other handy features you need to provide a custom surveillance solution. It provides support for cameras up to 8MP, Smart Search capabilities, and improved PoE up to 200m. Simplify remote app access setup, eliminate insecure port forwarding, and manage your devices via OvrC using our free LumaLink service. Luma has also made the UI easy for you to use and navigate. The 310 NVR is available in 4 camera, 8 camera and 16 camera input versions to provide as much coverage as you need across your home

Luma Surveillance 310 Series NVR Key Features:

Supports Cameras Up To 8MP: 

The 310 Series NVRs support high-quality camera resolution. Each recorder is compatible with cameras up to 8MP. Note: when using 8MP cameras at max resolution, video settings may be limited.

1080p HDMI Out: 

An included 1080p HDMI output allows you to hook up your recorder to a television to view any image from the live feed. Better output resolution allows you to maximize the benefits of any high megapixel cameras, eliminating potential hassle.

Limited Control Integration: 

When you don’t need to operate the camera, but still need to select which cameras you want to see, or enable privacy modes, choose Luma’s 310 Series NVR. For more discrete control capabilities, consider the 510 Series. Luma’s dedicated drivers control the NVR’s on-screen GUI navigation through the HDMI output. All Luma recorders are compatible with Control 4, Crestron, RTI, g! & URC.


Luma Surveillance 310 Series NVR


Camera Inputs

4 Channel NVR, 8 Channel NVR, 16 Channel NVR

Luma Surveillance 310 Series NVR
Luma Surveillance 310 Series NVR Network Video Recorder
$1,530.00$2,652.00 inc. GST Select options
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