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M2Tech Marley is a very high-performance headphones amplifier conceived to give best sound quality with every kind of headphones, from small in-ear models to expensive and
challenging planar transducers devices. Its pure Class-A, discrete components amplifiers deliver crystal-clear sound at any level up to 8Vrms in single-ended mode (that is,
driving headphones provided with standard 6.35mm jack) or 16Vrms in balanced mode (that is, driving headphones provided with 4-pin XLR jack).
Two stereo amplifiers are fitted into the Marley, each one with its volume control. This way, two headphones can be driven in single-ended mode to allow two listeners to enjoy
their music at their favourite listening level. On the other hand, purist audiophiles using headphones with balanced drive capability can set the Marley in balanced mode, obtaining 6dB more SPL and improved sound quality.

Features include input switching, preamp output to drive a power amplifier, tape output, balance, muting, mode selection (single-ended or balanced), volume display mode
selection, auto switch-off.
Volume can be set in 1dB steps between -78dB and 0dB. Muting attenuates the level by 20dB when needed. Auto switch off is a cool feature implemented to comply with energy
saving regulations which will also be useful to users who like late night listening and falling asleep while enjoying their music.
Power capability is also awesome for such a small unit: 4Wrms per channel on 8 Ohms and a SNR of 120dB (A-weighted) allow for driving high sensitivity speakers with
outstanding results (output adaptor needed).
Marley is provided with a 15V-30VA wall adaptor. An input for an external high-current, low-noise power supply is also present on the rear panel.

M2Tech Marley FEATURES

Pure class-A power amplifiers, dual stereo layout to drive two headphones with independent volume setting, bridging feature to drive one headphones set in balanced
mode, preamplifier output to drive power amplifiers, two inputs with tape output, auxiliary input for high current, low noise power supply.

Inputs: 2 x line in on female, gold-plated RCAs
Outputs: 2 x 1/4” stereo jack (single-ended)
4-pole female XLR (balanced)
pre out on female, gold-plated RCAs
tape out on female, gold-plated RCAs
Supply inputs: 5.5/2.1mm jack, positive on tip
4-pole male XLR for +15V/-15V/+5V
Output voltage: 8Vrms max (single-ended), 16Vrms max (balanced)
Output power: 4Wrms p.c. @ 8 Ohms
Input impedance: 40kOhms
Gain: 12dB (single-ended) / 18dB (balanced)
Input sensitivity: 2Vrms in for max output
Frequency response: 3Hz-80kHz (+0/-0.5dB)
SNR: 120dB (8Vrms out, 1kHz, A-weighted)
THD+N: 0.003% (2Vrms out, 1kHz)
Volume range: 0 to -78dB plus total mute (1 dB steps)
Muting: -20dB
Balance range: +/-6dB (1dB steps)
Auto switch-off; disabled, 0 to 240 minutes (30 minutes steps)
Supply: 15VDC
Power consumption: 30VA
Size: 200x200x50mm (w x d x h)
Weight: 2kg


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M2Tech Marley
M2Tech Marley Headphone Amp Ex Demo

Only 1 left in stock

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