Majestic EVO 4K Projection Screens

The Majestic EVO 4K Projection Screen range offers an excellent choice of screen materials and a fantastic flocked 75mm border. Sydney Hi-Fi Castle Hill’s most popular option is the Acoustic Vision 4K acoustically transparent material where the speakers are placed behind the screen for a sleek look and brilliant performance!

The Majestic EVO 4K Projection Screen Options:

Size Options:

  • 16:9 = 73 to 150 inch diagonal
  • 2:37 = 92 to 190 inch diagonal

Custom sizes are also available upon request

Ratio Options:

  • 16:9 (Widescreen. Most popular, today’s current standard)
  • 2:37 (CinemaScope)

Material Options:

  • EVO Ultra 4K (Sharpest Picture)
  • EVO Ultra Grey 4K (For rooms where darkness cannot be achieved)
  • Acoustic Vision 4K (Acoustically transparent to position speakers behind the screen)
  • Optema Rear Projection (For systems where the projector is mounted behind the screen)


  • Absolute World-Class Quality.
  • Hand Crafted in Australia to last a lifetime.
  • All componentry are from Australia, Europe and USA.
  • World’s blackest frame with Fidelio Velvet. Up to 25 times blacker than the competition’s flocked (imitation velvet) frames.
  • Complete Velvet Wrap Arounds on all 4 sides of frame mitres plus inner and outer edges.
  • Exclusive Projection Foils from Europe made only for Oz Theatre Screens.
  • World’s Best Warranty – Lifetime.
  • Straight forward assembly.
  • Factory Direct Pricing with no distributor markup.
  • Most talked about Home Cinema Screen on the SNA forums.
  • Custom sizes and formats at no extra cost.


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