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Like a Fellini film, the Moovia VENICE theatre chair blends fantasy and earthiness with a hint of the Baroque. With elegant accent stitching and a dramatic façade, its understated grandeur makes a powerful statement in any theatre or media room. For an extra touch of indulgence, choose ambient lighting, temperature control, massage function and more.

Due to the vast amount of personalisation available of each chair price will need to be determined based on your option requirements. Please call for further information!

Moovia Venice Key Features:

  • adjustable backrest, footrests & Armrests available
  • engine controls option available
  • illumination option available
  • storage option available
  • cup holder option available
  • Massage option Available
  • Available in a wide array of seating configurations


We’re as much about the story as about visuals. Be it the finest fabric, leather or wood, our materials speak volumes of careful design, skilled craftsmanship and impeccable taste.


Keep your movie night essentials out of sight but in easy reach. moovia® makes sure that our practical storage compartments and cupholders look the part, too.


Make the moovia® seating truly yours. From stitching through patterns to buttons, design every inch of your seating to fit your imaginings.


Let the seating light up the room. moovia® seating comes with ambient lights, In all the right places. And they are just as much about function as they are about beauty.


Step inside your comfort zone with moovia®. Curl up in your chair and enjoy the show, with plush cushions, massage functionality and temperature control in supporting roles.

THE 4TH DIMENSION with D-BOX Motion effects for your home cinema chair GET ON THE ULTIMATE CINEMATIC THRILL RIDE

D-BOX stands for pioneering cinematic motion solutions, built specifically for the movie theatre industry. D-BOX’s award-winning motion effects are in perfect harmony with on-screen audio and video, creating a home-viewing experience full of life and free of distractions. The world’s best immersive cinematic motion solution can now be integrated into any moovia® chair. Thanks to our very own integration framework, D-BOX systems seamlessly work together with both our single- and double-seat models. It’s also possible to control several chairs at the same time.

The motion codes are stored on the D-BOX server. For an annual subscription fee, the Home Entertainment Motion Controller (HEMC) gets connected to the motion code database, checks new titles and automatically downloads them so you don’t need to have a permanent internet connection. And if your home cinema doesn’t have cable internet, it’s not a problem at all. The HEMC can connect to your router wireless.

Moovia Venice

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