Sonance Rock Speakers

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The Sonance Rock Speaker range has been used in gardens and by poolsides for many years supplying quality audio whilst blending into the garden surroundings. The RK83 8″ rock speaker is a Sydney Hi-Fi Castle Hill favourite providing quality bass and excellent background audio with a very convincing rock-like exterior.

Sonance Rock Speakers Information:

  • Amazing performance in a rock form factor.
  • Durable, corrosion-free and weather-resistant design can withstand exposure to UV, high heat, wind, rain, snow and splashing pool water. IPX4 rated.
  • Two sizes and two colours to suit a variety of spaces and landscape designs.
  • Rock subwoofer for increased bass response.


Rock speakers utilize a durable weather-resistant construction that is built to withstand the harshest outdoor environments. Featuring waterproof drivers, the Sonance RK63 and RK83 deliver clean articulate sound while standing up to the harshest conditions. For those wanting even more impressive sound outdoors


Rock speakers have been designed to blend into outdoor environments. Available in either granite or brown finishes, with a natural stone texture and contours that continue across the grille surface, the look of these speakers will complement landscaping designs and disappear into their surroundings.


Rock speakers feature internal wire connections to eliminate corrosion caused by moisture and to prevent damage from garden tools.  The simple stereo configuration of the RK63 and RK83 speakers makes installation a breeze

Sonance Rock Models

RK63 6", RK83 8"



Sonance Rock Outdoor Speakers
Sonance Rock Speakers
$999.00$1,599.00 inc. GST Select options
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