Sonitus Acoustics Decosorber Natur Eva Diffuser Panels

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Sonitus Acoustics Decosorber Natur EVA absorbers are decorative mid-frequency damped membrane absorbers that not only look great but also compensate for the common effects of excessive high-frequency damping. The Eva pattern comprises slits that are actually like stretched parallelograms. This opens about 40% of the fascia to sound waves so they absorb more than the Maze or Quad Decosorber patterns. Decosorbers treat a range of frequencies starting down at 200Hz, and smoothly tapering down all the way to 3kHz. They feature a back layer of 8cm USAP Polyester foam finished with black velvet and then covered with a 4mm poplar plywood plate that is available in different wood colours with a semi-gloss finish.

Sonitus Acoustics Decosorber Natur EVA Key Features:

  • Elegant European design
  • Sculptured wood finish for tasteful interiors
  • Advanced engineering
  • Midband absorption – 200Hz to 3kHz
  • High-density foam core for high absorption coefficients
  • Available in 6 colours
  • Built to last




*USAP foam > Unique Sonitus acoustic polyester
Black velvet – 1mm layer
Poplar Plywood 4mm

Full thickness (8cm)

MAH > Mahagony
NP > Natural Poplar
WN > Walnut
EB > Ebony
WR > Wine Red
ca. 1020g

6 panels 60x60x8cm

63,5×63,5x53cm = 0,21 m3

10,2 kg

SONITUS ACOUSTICS Decosorber Natur patterns and colours


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SONITUS ACOUSTICS Decosorber Natur Eva
Sonitus Acoustics Decosorber Natur Eva Diffuser Panels
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