Soulines Kubrick DCX Turntable

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The Soulines Kubrick DCX is built around an inverted main bearing and Acrylic platter, Soulines designed a highly rigid aluminium plinth and sub-plinth, built from differently shaped layers and blocks, coupled together and strategically damped. The Kubricks plinth and sub plinth design including dimensions, shape and arrangement of different openings and holes employ Golden Ratio and Fibonacci sequence, thus gaining uniform vibration damping and the reduction of the Moment of inertia in all three planes (along all three axes) to the Center of mass.
Even though Kubrick DCX looks asymmetrical or unbalanced, it is in perfect balance, providing smooth platter rotation and steady tracking.
The Kubricks drive mechanism utilizes a high-quality DC motor optimized for turntable use. Along with an easy operation and fine speed adjustment feature, an electronically controlled power supply provides a stable current for smooth motor rotation.

Soulines Kubrick DCX Information:

Please Note: This turntable does not include a Tonearm or cartridge in its base price. Please talk with our friendly staff about building your turntable


electronically controlled high-quality DC motor
33.33 and 45.00 RPM with fine speed adjustment feature
inverted solid brass/stainless steel; Derlin thrust plate
40mm thick 3.2kg weighing, machined from laminated Acrylic
multi-layered aluminium main plinth with the 3-point coupled aluminium sub-plinth
silver anodized aluminium



3 user exchangeable arm-boards for 9″ SME, Jelco and Rega/Origin Live/Audio Note tone-arms; SA cover – Acrylic made dust cover; rubber-cork mat; Protractor LP – a cartridge alignment tool
AC 230V/50Hz; DC input 12V/300mA
470x350x160mm (WxDxH) overall; 400x350mm (WxD) footprint
Net weight:
530x400x260mm (WxDxH)
Shipping weight:
Included in the package:
– three different (user) exchangeable aluminium made arm-boards for 9″ tone-arms:
– SME arm-board – tone-arm pivot to spindle distance from 204-239mm
– Rega/Origin Live arm-board – tone-arm pivot to spindle distance 222mm
– Jelco arm-board – tone-arm pivot to spindle distance 214mm
– Acrylic (Perspex) dust cover, the SA cover
– high-performance rubber-cork mat
– the Protractor LP – a cartridge alignment tool including Baerwald, Loefgren and Stevenson protractor
With or Without Tonearm

Kubrick DCX Without Tonearm, Kubrick DCX with Sorane SA-1.2 Tonearm

Soulines Kubrick DCX Turntable
Soulines Kubrick DCX Turntable
$8,500.00$11,900.00 inc. GST Select options
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