Stasis Corporation Super Vision Stylus Microscope

$39.00 inc. GST

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The Stasis Corporation Super Vision mounts to your phone transforming it into a high power microscope with inspection light allowing you to inspect your stylus and record groove.

Stasis Corporation Super Vision is recommended for:

  • Inspecting the stylus for wear or damage – Visually confirm the condition of your stylus tip, prevent damage to records.
  • Practice proper stylus cleaning – Check for cleaning residue on stylus or cantilever, prevent corrosion to metal or destruction of the coating.
  • Visually scratches on LPs – Check if a scratch will affect the sound reproduction. If a scratch disfigures the walls of the groove, it will spoil the sound.
Stasis Super Vision Stylus Camera
Stasis Corporation Super Vision Stylus Microscope
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