StormAudio PA 16 Elite 16 Channel Amplifier

$14,975.00 inc. GST

The StormAudio PA 16 Elite is the ideal multi-channel power amplifier for any high-performance dedicated home cinema. The PA 16 Elite offers up to 400watts per channel of high current power to drive most speakers available on the market with precise control and dynamics. We have this unit running our Krix Real Cinema at Home demonstration cinema so feel free to pop in and take a listen!

We have one demonstration unit available was $19,995 now $14,975

StormAudio PA 16 Elite Key Features;

  • 16-channel high-power amplifier perfect for any Atmos/DTSX multi-speaker home cinema
  • High-performance Class D amplifier capable of 200W @ 8 Ohm and 400W @ 4 Ohm with up to 8 channels driven, 225W @ 4 Ohm with all channels driven
  • Featuring XLR inputs, remote control via trigger and high-quality speaker binding posts that support banana plug and large wire sections.
  • Remote monitoring capability of the complete system (sound processor and power amp)
  • The PA 16 ELITE comes in a rack version.


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StormAudio PA 16 Elite
StormAudio PA 16 Elite 16 Channel Amplifier
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