Stromtank S 1000 lithium-iron Phosphate Power Generator

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The Stromtank S 1000 is designed to decouple your source components and preamplifier from your home’s electrical grid using lithium-iron batteries.

Stromtank Range of power generators

Stromtank S 1000 Key Features and Specifications:

Each Stromtank model has 2 different working modes:

  1. ON-grid (blue illumination at front meter)

STROMTANK supplies the audio system from the electrical grid according to the principle of a regenerator, but with one important difference:

A component’s insufficient power supply will be compensated by a block of rechargeable batteries, which thanks to Stromtank’s permanent battery control system is able to supply as much energy as required (boost-function)

  1. OFF-grid (green illumination at front meter)

All audio components connected to STROMTANK are supplied solely by the batteries with a constant current. The average autonomous operating time is 4-8 hours, depending on the choice of the STROMTANK model and the energy consumption of the connected components.

When the battery state of charge reaches a critical minimum, the STROMTANK will automatically recharge itself from the mains.


Technology: computer-controlled lithium-iron-phosphate battery array (LiFePO4) for long life
Storage capacity: 1.000 Wh
Nominal battery voltage: 24 Vdc
Input voltage range: 100 – 130 Vac   or   200 – 245 Vac
Input frequency: 50 or 60 Hz (factory setting)
Input current adjusted: 8 Aac (factory setting)
transfer time: < 15 ms (on the grid to off-grid)
Output voltage: 100-130 Vac  or  200 – 245 Vac (pure sine wave)
Output frequency: 50 or  60 Hz  +/- 0.05% (crystal controlled)
Continues output power @ 25°C: 450 VA
Output power 30 min @ 25°C: 700 VA
Peak power 3 sec @ 25°C: 1.800 VA
AC output receptacles: 4 AU sockets
Weight: 41 kg   /   90 lbs
Dimension (w x h x d): 48 x 22 x 47 cm   /   19 x 9 x 19 inches
Stromtank S 1000
Stromtank S 1000 lithium-iron Phosphate Power Generator
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