Sydney Hi-Fi Castle Hill Record Care Pack

$238.00 inc. GST

The Sydney Hi-Fi Castle Hill Record Care Pack provides you with all the tools you need to clean your records, a carbon brush remove static from the record before playback and a velvet brush to remove residual dust and debris before playback. We recommend all records be cleaned prior to use even new vinyl! The end result is better overall clarity with less crackles and pops

Sydney Hi-Fi Castle Hill Record Care Pack Includes:

Knosti Disco Antistat Features:

  • Reusable fluid with the lowest surface tension of any record cleaning fluid on the market
  • Funnel and filter to easily transfer fluid from bath to fluid container for reuse
  • Record clamp so you don’t have to handle the record directly
  • Goat hair brushes to really get deep into the grove
  • Drying rack to care care for your records whilst drying

Tonar Carbon Anti Static Brush Features:

  • Over one million carbon fibre bristles
  • Discharges the record of static and lessons and dirt in the groove of the record
  • To be used in conjunction with Tonar Velvet Brush

Tonar Carbon Velvet Brush Features:

  • Hand grip for ease of cleaning
  • Velvet for dust removal
  • Brush stand to keep velvet clean
  • To be used after Tonar Carbon Brush prior to record playback


Sydney Hi-Fi Castle Hill Record Care Pack
Sydney Hi-Fi Castle Hill Record Care Pack
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