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The Tonar Dust Cover is an ideal solution to keep the dust off turntables that cannot have a conventional dust cover. The cover is made out of Plexiglas with cutouts for cables at the rear and for your hands each side. Available in 7 sizes to fit almost any turntable on the market today.

Tonar Dust Cover Sizes;

Dust Cover 1

Outside measurements: 32,7 x 32,7 x 7,5 CM.

Inside measurements: 31,9 x 31,9 x 7,1 CM.
The Cover 1 can be used among others with:
• The OkkiNokki record washing machine
Dust Cover 2
The Cover 2 can be used among others with:
• Takumi TT level 2, Takumi TT level 3.
• Clearaudio Concept and Clearaudio Ovation.
• Clearaudio Performance SE and Clearaudio Performance DC.
Dust Cover 3
Outside measurements: 52,0 x 42,0 x 20,0 CM.
Inside measurements: 51,2 x 41,2 x 19,6 CM.
The Cover 3 can be used among others with:
• Michel Gyro SE.
• Clearaudio Solution.
• Clearaudio Master Solution.
• Clearaudio Anniversary.
Dust Cover 4
Outside measurements: 49,0 x 44,0 x 22,0 CM.
Inside measurements: 48,2 x 43,2 x 21,6 CM.
The Cover 4 can be used among others with:
• Transrotor ZET-1 en Fat Bob (All).
• Transrotor Leonardo en Avorio.
• Clearaudio Champion (up to level 1).
• Clearaudio Champion Magnum en – Ltd.
• ClearaudioAvantgarde an -Magnum.
Dust Cover 5

Outside measurements: 52,0 x 34,0 x 14,0 CM.

Inside measurements: 51,2 x 33,2 x 13,6 CM.
The Cover 5 can be used among others with:
• Michel Tecnodec.

Dust Cover 6

Outside measurements: 42,0 x 36,0 x 16,0 CM.
Inside measurements: 41,2 x 35,2 x 15,6 CM.
The Cover 6 can be used among others with:
• Project RPM1.3 and Project RPM5.1.
• Clearaudio Emotion and Clearaudio Emotion SE.
Dust Cover 2H
Outside measurements: 45,0 x 37,0 x 18,0 CM.
Inside measurements: 44,2 x 36,2 x 17,6 CM.
The Cover 2H can be used among others with:
• Clearaudio Performance SE DC
• Thorens TD2035 and Thorens TD850


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