Triad PAMP8-100 by Control4 8 Zone 16 Channel Amplifier

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The Triad PAMP8-100 provides sixteen channels of 100watt amplification making it very useful for multiple applications. We generally pair up the PAMP8-100 with the Triad AMS8 or AMS16 audio matrix switches to provide a very versatile eight zone multi-room music system with room for expansion. If you would like more performance the PAMP8 can be bridged into 8 channels at 200watts per channel, combined with a high-quality pair of in-ceiling or in-wall speakers is like having a hi-fi system in every room.

Triad PAMP8-100 Features:

  • Powerful 100W per channel driven by ICEpower modules to deliver a dynamic, high-resolution audio experience
  • Bridgeable outputs provide double the amplification for areas that require more power
  • Class-D amplification runs cool allowing you to stack one amplifier on top of another
  • Fast wake-from-standby using 12V trigger for time-sensitive audio announcements and quick audio-zone startup
  • Three power mode control options—12V trigger, audio sensing, or always on
  • Standby mode saves energy when not in use
  • Each zone can be independently linked to the global audio input to share one input across multiple sets of speakers
  • Share an audio source across multiple power amplifiers using the global audio output
  • Over-current and thermal protections prevent damage due to short circuits, incorrect wiring, or heat
  • Rack-mount ears included
  • Integrates perfectly with Control4
Triad PAMP8-100
Triad PAMP8-100 by Control4 8 Zone 16 Channel Amplifier
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