Basement Cinema

We received contact from a gentleman that wanted to transform his basement into a high-performance cinema. He stated that the room was previously used for storage and a kids rumpus and he had an old projector on the ceiling that shone onto a wall with a pair of active speakers each side. We suggested he visit our showroom and we could go through is requirements and show him some product first hand.

Upon arrival into our showroom, our prospective client mentioned he had done a bit of research and spoken with a couple of other stores and that he wanted to purchase floorstanding speakers and centre speaker to sit around a projection screen, we asked about room dimensions and seating layout to discover that the room was quite large with a low ceiling and there were to be two tiers of seating. Taking this information into account we advised that the centre speaker would be to low and the floor standing speakers would not deliver cinema-like levels of performance from such a distance to the primary seating position. We then suggested that we could computer model his room and show him a solution that would fit his room and deliver rear cinema-like performance levels. He agreed.

Basement Cinema Krix Megaphonix

Krix Megaphonix Design

The Basement area is constructed with block walls, cement ceiling and floor with dimensions of 7.3 meters long by 5.2 meters wide and ceiling height of 2.4 meters. Due to doorways, stairs and other obstructions we elected to go with a 7.2 channel configuration using mostly surface-mount speakers. The rendering shown above allowed us to work out that we could use a 135” 16:9 screen and mount the centre speaker behind acoustically transparent material to maximise screen size and deliver immersive vocals for both tiers of seating


Client Decision and Equipment

The room layout left us with one logical choice for speakers to guarantee cinema-like performance levels and a selection of mounting options. KRIX of course! We specified KRIX Magaphonix for the front left, centre and right, KRIX Phonix Flat with ceiling brackets for surround and rear surround plus a pair of KRIX Volcanix subwoofers for bass.

The system total came out to be a little more than our prospective client wanted to allocate for the project, however, based on our brief and performance calculations he gave us the green light to proceed!

Other Components Specified

Projection is by JVC, Screen is Majestic AT, amplification by Marantz, control is provided by Control4 and networking is Araknis


Whilst other building works were being conducted we pre-wired the room for the new system and constructed a custom box to house the centre speaker  in preparation for final fit off


Basement Cinema
Basement Cinema


Our clients choice of custom lounges and room decoration is next level. A large acoustic curtain can be drawn to conceal the custom bar area when the cinema is being used to ensure the screen is the focal point of the room without distraction. In regards to performance the system achieves cinema reference DB levels at the primary seating position with excellent surround immersion and our clients are overwhelmed at the finished result.

Basement Cinema

Basement Renovation Client Testimonial

Exceptional, quality installation staff- everyone worked well as a team to design, build and test our home theatre. Sydney Hi Fi (Castlehill) came up with really good ideas and owned a turn-key theatre design and build project from start to finish. Very impressed with the team and we ended up with a great finished theatre solution that we can enjoy with friends and family!