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Analysis Plus is famous for its proprietary hollow oval cable design, cables that use the conductor more efficiently and the resistance does not go up appreciably with frequency. With its fast rise time and lack of frequency effects, you will now hear what you were missing. This principle is used throughout the product line and is the reason why their hollow oval cables simply look, sound and perform better than other products.

 Analysis Plus cables are used by countless musicians including John Mayer, Kenny Loggins, Hunter Hayes, Richard Bona, Jake Shimabukuro. So if Analysis Plus is good enough for the people making music it must be the choice for the people that listen to music!

Sydney Hi-Fi Castle Hill offers the full line of products, speaker cable, analogue interconnects, digital interconnects, power cables, bulk cable and connectors. We believe they offer the best value by far compared to most other offerings. Almost no other companies are able to offer white paper stats to prove why their products are superior this company does!

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Analysis Plus

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