Garrott Brothers constantly work towards achieving perfection in vinyl sound reproduction, utilizing only the finest materials and up to the minute technologies on our products.

Since the early 1980’s Garrott Brothers have shown that recorded music can be reproduced with all of the drama, listener involvement and character of an actually live performance.

Superior fidelity to the original performance has previously been available only to those prepared to live on a ‘knife-edge’ coping with the issues of arm/cartridge compatibility, minute setup detail, managing hum and noise minimalisation, erratic groove tracking and the effects of changing environmental conditions.

Sydney HiFi Castle Hill has always been keen on anything that brings you closer to superior vinyl playback and Garrott cartridges achieve this and offer excellent value for money. All still proudly Aussie made.

$239.00 inc. GST
$349.00 inc. GST
$469.00 inc. GST
$1,280.00 inc. GST
$1,999.00 inc. GST
$799.00 inc. GST
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