Subwoofer cables are designed to maintain the same ohm rating from point to point regardless of how the cable is bent to coiled. This cable also needs to reject electromagnetic interference so your subwoofer doesn’t hum. Our Audiorange of subwoofer cables also includes a drain wire to earth the subwoofer and the amplifier, a feature that does not get used much anymore unless you have an older subwoofer.

We offer subwoofer cables from Audioquest, Analysis and Kharma in a wide range of lengths and connections types. We can also make you up a custom length of Audioquest subwoofer cable for DIY custom installation projects, just give us a call or visit our showroom.

$310.00 inc. GST
$190.00 inc. GST
$79.00$299.00 inc. GST
$299.00$775.00 inc. GST
$675.00$1,750.00 inc. GST
$149.00$349.00 inc. GST

Subwoofer Cables

REL Bassline Blue Cable

$749.00$1,199.00 inc. GST
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