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To celebrate three decades of manufacturing cutting edge Hi-Fi components we give you Chord Electronics ULTIMA Series of pre and power components. The ULTIMA range of ultra-high performance components sits at the pinnacle of what Chord Electronics can offer and assures breathtaking performance levels. ULTIMA is hand made in England out of only the finest materials and technology available. The range consists of the reference ULTIMA PRE preamplifier and a choice of three mono amplifier configurations, the no-compromise ULTIMA 780 watt flagship mono amplifier, 750-watt ULTIMA 2 mono amplifier and 480-watt ULTIMA 3 mono amplifier


Chord Electronics ULTIMA series

SoundStage Review of Ultima 2 mono amplifiers 01/10/2019

“Stop thinking about your system and enjoy your music” Chord Electronics ULTIMA Series the last pre/power you will ever buy!

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Chord Electronics Ultima 5

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