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HiFi Specials

Please check the T's & C's below then scroll down to the floorstock & clearance list, this list is updated regularly.


Clearance list items are only available from Sydney Hi-Fi Castle Hill, NSW. We reserve the right to change the details of this promotion at any time without further notice. E&OE

  • All prices are inclusive of GST.
  • Prices are not valid with any other special offers or discounts. Products are subject to availability, while stocks last
  • Discount only applies to clearance stock as stipulated in the list of items on this page
  • Delivery charges are not included in the sale price unless indicated. Please speak to a sales member in-store for delivery options and any additional charges applicable
  • Items are limited in quantity and when sold they will be removed from the list as soon as possible. We reserve the right to advise an item is “sold” at any time, even if the sales list has it marked as available on the website. This may happen on occasion as the list may not have been updated at the time of sale
  • You acknowledge and agree that items will be out of stock or unavailable as they are sold. Sydney Hi-FI Castle Hill reserves the right to withdraw or suspend from sale any Goods displayed on the Website, either temporarily or permanently, at any time without notice to you. Sydney Hi-FI Castle Hill will not be liable to you, or any other person, for any loss, damage, cost or expense suffered as a direct or indirect result of the unavailability of any Goods at any time, whether in contract, negligence or any other tort, equity, restitution, strict liability, under statute or otherwise at all
  • Occasionally there may be content on this website that contains typographical errors, inaccuracies or oversights relating to product description, price, promotion, special offer or availability. In this circumstance, we have the right to amend any typographical errors, inaccuracies or oversights and to correct or update content or cancel orders at any time without prior notice.
  • No refunds will be given if you have simply changed your mind

Trade-In Items:

Goods that are shown on the Website as “Trade-In” are Goods that may be in mint condition or have a cosmetic blemish or imperfection such as a scratch, dent or rub mark. Please speak to a Sydney Hi-FI Castle Hill staff member to confirm the condition.

Warranty Details:

All pre-owned/trade-in items are used and carry a three (3) month warranty or as agreed from the date of purchase.
Ex-Demonstration, Floorstock & New: A full manufacturer’s warranty applies.
Consignment Stock: Seven days from the date of purchase.

Warranty on Manufacturer’s faults & defects only unless otherwise specified.

Floorstock & Clearance List

MakeModelDescriptionStatusColourQTYPrice ea.Clearance Price ea.Shipping
OperaGrand CallasFloor Standing SpeakerEx-DemoWalnut1 pair$23,000$14,996.00shipping included
Bowers & Wilkins802 D3Floor Standing Speaker (12 months old)Trade InWhite1 pairSOLDshipping extra
Bowers & Wilkins803 D3Floor Standing SpeakerEx-DemoWhite1 pair$24,500.00$18,375.00shipping extra
Bowers & Wilkins704S2Floor Standing SpeakerNewRosenut1 pair$3,999.00$3,115.00shipping included
Bowers & WilkinsDB4S10" Subwoofer with app controlTrade-InGloss Black1SOLDshipping extra
LegacyPhantom HDSurround SpeakersFloorstockRosewood1 pair$6,650.00$3,995.00shipping extra
LegacyPhantom HDSurround SpeakersFloorstockCherry1 pair$5,700.00$3,300.00shipping extra
LegacySilver screen HDCentre speakerFloorstockCherry1$3,300.00$1,850.00shipping extra
Audio PhysicClassic Centre 2Centre SpeakerEx-DemoWhite1$3,750.00$1,680.00shipping extra
Audio PhysicClassic On Wall 2Wall mount speakerEx-DemoGlass Black1 pair$5,700.00$2,800.00shipping extra
Audio PhysicCardeas PlusReference Floorstanding speakersEx-DemoWalnut1 pair$55,000.00$33,000.00shipping extra
Audio PhysicClassic 5Floor Standing SpeakersNewWalnut1 pair$5,250.00$2,650.00shipping extra
Audio PhysicClassic 8Floor Standing SpeakersEx-DemoWalnut1PairSOLDshipping extra
Audio PhysicClassic 10Floor Standing SpeakersTrade InBlack Glass1 Pair$4,200.00$2,200.00shipping extra
Audio PhysicClassic 25Floor Standing SpeakersEx-DemoGlass White1 Pair$10,450.00$5,110.00shipping extra
Audio PhysicClassic 35Floor Standing SpeakersEx-DemoGlass Grey1 PairSOLDshipping extra
Bang & OlufsenBeolab 20Floor standing speakersEx-Demoblack1 pair$15,400.00$11,552.00shipping extra
ParasoundP6Stereo pre-amplifier with HT bypassEx-Demosilver gold1$3,295.00$2,570.00shipping extra
ParasoundJC3JRPhono pre-ampEx-Demosilver gold1$3,100.00$2,418.00shipping extra
PS AudioBHK Signature 250250watt stereo power amplifierEx-Demosilver1$12,595.00$9,825.00shipping extra
PS AudioStellar Power Plant 3300watt continuous output power stationEx-Demosilver1$3,895.00$2,950.00shipping extra
PS AudioStellar Power Plant 3300watt continuous output power stationNewblack1$3,895.00$2,950.00shipping extra
PS AudioPerfectwave SACDSACD transportEx-Demosilver1$9,995.00$7,997.00shipping extra
Ps AudioStella PhonoPhono pre-ampEx-Demosilver1SOLDshipping extra
YamahaA-S120090watt per channel integrated amplifierDisplayblack1$3,499.00$2,450.00shipping extra
YamahaA-S220090watt per channel integrated amplifierDisplaysilver1$4,999.00$3,500.00shipping extra
YamahaA-S3200100watt per channel integrated amplifierEx-Demosilver1$9,999.00$6,995.00shipping extra
NADC658Streaming pre-amplifierDisplayblack1$2,599.00$2,080.00shipping extra
NADC26880watt per channel stereo power amplifierDisplayblack1SOLDshipping extra
NADC298185watt per channel stereo power amplifierDisplayblackSOLDshipping extra
MarantzModel 302 channel integrated amplifierEx-Demoblack1$4,999.00$3,995.00shipping extra
MarantzSACD 30NSACD player and Heos streamerEx-Demoblack1$4,999.00$3,995.00shipping extra
LarvardinItx Reference55watt per channel integrated amplifierEx-Demoblack1$11,000.00$8,550.00shipping extra
BlueSoundPowerNode 2I Music streaming amplifier with HDMINEWBlack3$1,499$1,200shipping extra
BlueSoundPowerNode gen2Music streaming amplifierDemoBlack1$1,399.00$900.00shipping extra
M2TechMarleyHeadphone amplifierDemoSilver1$2,570.00$1,000.00shipping extra
Chord ElectronicsSPM 24005 X 135watt power amplifiertrade-inBlack1$11,825.00$5,900.00shipping extra
Chord ElectronicsBlu MK2Upsampling CD transportEx-DemoSilver1$16,000.00$13,600.00shipping included
Chord ElectronicsChordette PrimeStereo pre-amplifierEx-DemoSilver1$3,000.00$1,200.00shipping extra
Chord ElectronicsChordette Scamp2 X 40watt power amplifierEx-DemoSilver1$1,800.00$720.00shipping extra
Chord ElectronicsChordette Maxx2 X 30watt integrated power amplifierEx-DemoSilver1$1,800.00$720.00shipping extra
Chord ElectronicsChordette IndexMusic streamerEx-DemoSilver1$1,800.00$720.00shipping extra
Chord ElectronicsChordette Toucan blueHeadphone amplifier with BluetoothEx-DemoSilver1SOLDshipping extra
Chord ElectronicsChordette ToucanHeadphone AmplifierEx-DemoSilver1$1,600.00$640.00shipping extra
KaranKA S180 MK22 X 180watt power amplifiertrade-inSilver1$12,750.00$6,375.00shipping extra
DensenB-410CD PlayerEx-DemoSilver1$3,290.00$1,995.00shipping extra
DensenB-420CD PlayerEx-DemoBlack1$4,290.00$2,622.00shipping extra
DensenB-250Pre-amplifierEx-DemoSilver1$7,590.00$4,889.00shipping extra
DensenB-275Pre-amplifier with NRG power supplytrade-inSilver1$12,990.00$5,500.00shipping extra
DensenB-3202X100watt Amplifiertrade-inSilver$4,590.00$2,300.00shipping extra
DensenB-3202X100watt Amplifiertrade-inBlack1$4,590.00$2,723.00shipping extra
DensenDNRGPower SupplyEx-DemoBlack1$1,600.00$1,056.00shipping extra
DensenDP Drive & DP-06Phono pre-ampEx-DemoSilver1$1,980.00$1,386.00shipping extra
MarantzNA8005Network streamerEx-DemoBlack1$1,520.00$1,100.00shipping extra
Bang & OlufsenBeovision Eclipse65" OLED TV & Soundbar with a motorised standEx-Demooak speaker cover1$24,300.00$13,000.00shipping extra
Bang & OlufsenEdgewireless speaker with wall bracketEx-Demosilver/black1$5,350.00$4,015.00shipping extra
Bang & OlufsenBeosound 2wireless speakerEx-DemoSilver1$3,300.00$2,550.00shipping extra
Bang & OlufsenBeosound 2wireless speakerEx-Demobronze1$3,300.00$2,475.00shipping extra
Bang & OlufsenBeosound 1wireless speakerEx-DemoSilver1$2,450.00$1,895.00shipping extra
YamahaRX-A2AAV receiver 7 channel new 8K modelEx-DemoBlack1$1,599.00$1,358.00shipping included
TorusAVR2-8Toroidal Isolation Power Transformer 6 AUS outletEx-DemoSilver1$12,600.00$8,293.00shipping extra
Chord ElectronicsQutestDAC Near NewTrade-inBlack1SOLDshipping extra
WeissDAC 202DACTrade-InBlack1$9,424.00$2,250.00shipping extra
PS AudioPerfect WaveCD Transporttrade-inSilver1$5,495.00$1,850.00shipping extra
ThorensTD-309With Thorens TP92 TonearmnewBlack1$2,799.00$1,575.00shipping extra
ThorensTD-209With Thorens TP90 TonearmnewBlack1$1,899.00$1,000.00shipping extra
DenonDP-300Turntabletrade-ingrey1$699.00$350.00Store Pickup
StaxSR-L300electrostatic ear speakerEx-Demoblack1$600.00$350.00shipping extra
StaxSR-L500electrostatic ear speakerEx-Demoblack1$1,250.00$780.00shipping extra
StaxSR-007 mk2electrostatic ear speakerEx-Demoblack/gold1$3,300.00$2,232.00shipping extra
StaxSRM-727 2DriverEx-Demosilver1$2,999.00$1,890.00shipping extra
StaxSRM-353 XDriverEx-Demosilver1$1,799.00$1,217.00shipping extra
StaxSRM252 SDriverEx-Demosilver1$650.00$480.00shipping extra
Dan Clark AudioAeon 2 OpenHeadphonesEx-Demored1$1,595.00$1,120.00shipping extra
Dan Clark AudioAeon 2 ClosedHeadphonesEx-Demored1$1,595.00$1,120.00shipping extra
Dan Clark AudioEther C Flow 1.1HeadphonesEx-Demoblack1$2,995.00$2,100.00shipping extra
Dan Clark AudioEther Flow 1.1HeadphonesEx-Demoblack1$2,995.00$2,100.00shipping extra
Dan Clark AudioEther 2HeadphonesEx-Demoblack1$3,795.00$2,720.00shipping extra
Audio TechnicaATH-ADX5000Reference Air Dynamic Open-Back HeadphonesEx-Demoblack/silver1$2,699.00$1,898.00shipping extra
Audio TechnicaATH-WP900Portable Over-Ear Wooden HeadphonesEx-DemoWooden1$1,099.00$770.00shipping extra
Audio TechnicaATH-AWASClosed-back Dynamic Wooden HeadphonesNewWooden1$2,499.00$1,755.00shipping extra
Audio TechnicaATH-AWKTClosed-back Dynamic Wooden HeadphonesNewWooden1SOLDshipping extra
Audio TechnicaAT-HA5050HHybrid Headphone AmplifierEx-Demogold1$8,999.00$6,182.00shipping extra
SennheiserHD800SOpen-back headphonesEx-Demosilver/black1$2,599.00$1,896.00shipping extra
SennheiserHDVD 800Headphone amplifier/DACEx-DemoSilver1SOLDshipping extra
VicousticB00046Flexi wood Light BrownnewLight Brown10 per box$1,399.00$700.00shipping extra
VicousticB00894Flexi Wave 120newWenge/black6 per boxSOLDshipping extra
VicousticB00879Flexi Wave 120newLight Brown/black6 per box$1,190.00$600.00shipping extra
VicousticB00943Flexi Wave 60newwhite/grey6 per box$799.00$400.00shipping extra
VicousticB04171Vixagon VMTnewBlack12 per box$1,300.00$800.00shipping extra
VicousticB04180Vixagon VMTnewWhite12 per box$1,300.00$800.00shipping extra
VicousticV0083Vari PanelnewCherry2 per box$299.00$150.00shipping extra
VicousticB00595VisquarenewBeige8 per box$750.00$400.00shipping extra
VicousticB00598VisquarenewBlue8 per box$750.00$400.00shipping extra
VicousticB00597VisquarenewDark Brown8 per box$750.00$400.00shipping extra
VicousticB00599VisquarenewOrange8 per box$750.00$400.00shipping extra
VicousticB00549Cinema roundnewDark Brown8 per box$1,000.00$750.00shipping extra
VicousticV00383Vixagon premiumnewBurgundy8 per box$799.00$400.00shipping extra
VicousticV00384Vixagon premiumnewBeige8 per box$799.00$400.00shipping extra

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