$5,500.00 inc. GST

Audio Desk Vinyl Cleaner Pro X
Audio Desk Vinyl Cleaner Pro X

$5,500.00 inc. GST

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Some would say that it is difficult to improve on perfection however Audio Desk have managed to take their award-winning record cleaner to a whole new level by introducing the Audio Desk Vinyl Cleaner Pro X! This new model features the same outstanding ultrasonic cleaning process as its predecessor with the addition of a completely separate drying cycle, improved drive motor and new ceramic bearing pump.

Paul Rigby from The Audiophile Man commented on the Audio Desk Vinyl Cleaner in the September 2017 Hi-Fi News magazine

“Apart from the removal of loose particles, it’s the embedded dirt that has, up until now, never been removed, and has proven resistant even to an expensive record cleaning machine. This is a true first for record cleaners. This, in vinyl terms, is revolutionary.”

Audio Desk Vinyl Cleaner Pro X Key Features:

Colours: Grey, Red, black and White
Cleaning cycle: 5 minutes
Dimensions: 33cm wide x 20cm deep x 27cm high
Weight (empty): 5,5 kg
Water capacity: 4,5 Litres, cleaning concentrate 20 ml
Manufacturer’s guarantee: 1 year / Made in Germany

Importance of clean records:

Whether your vinyl records are new or old at best they hold a minor amount of debris deep in the groove and it is a proven fact that this results in inferior sound reproduction and stylus wear. Sydney Hi-Fi Castle Hill recommends that your vinyl be clean and static-free before playback, Use some form of vinyl cleaning method preferably a record bath and ultimately the Audio Desk, Once your record is clean use a carbon antistatic brush to discharge your record and loosen any new dust etc, then use a velvet brush to remove it! Record washing should be conducted when first you bring your record home and then periodically depending on how much you play it, Antistatic and velvet brushing should be conducted before every play!

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