Auris Claassica Turntable

$4,000.00 inc. GST

Auris Classica Turntable to buy in Castle Hill, NSW
Auris Claassica Turntable

$4,000.00 inc. GST

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Experience the Complexity and Virtuosity of Classical Music with Auris Classica

If you’ve ever witnessed the grandeur of a symphony orchestra, with its piano solos, majestic choirs, and thunderous timpani, you understand the depth and intricacy of the classical music genre. The Auris Classica, featuring the W-10 tonearm as standard or the optional Hawk Tonearm, is designed to provide everything you need to fully immerse yourself in the captivating world of classical music.

Rediscover the beauty and richness of classical music with the Auris Classica. Immerse yourself in its intricate melodies and breathtaking harmonies, knowing that every detail is faithfully reproduced. Experience the complexity and virtuosity as the composers intended, and allow the Auris Classica to transport you to a world of musical mastery and timeless elegance.

Note: The cartridges illustrated are not included. Cartridges are available at an extra cost, talk to our friendly staff for further information

Auris Classica Key Features:

Tone Arm

The W-10 (10″) tonearm sets a new standard in precision and performance. Utilizing state-of-the-art 3D CAD/CAM technology and manufactured on the latest CNC machines, it delivers unparalleled accuracy. To ensure an uncompromising listening experience, we have incorporated a specially designed weight with a rubber thread that effectively dampens vibrations, allowing the delicate nuances of classical compositions to shine through. The 10mm VTA adjustment enables easy customization and compatibility with different mats. The use of ball bearings sourced from the medical industry guarantees minimal clearances and exceptional sound transmission. Furthermore, the carbon fibre wand with a 1mm wall thickness minimizes vibrations and resonance, revealing every subtle detail of your beloved classical recordings.


We understand the importance of stability and vibration reduction in preserving the integrity of classical music. The Auris Classica features a special rubber compound that provides exceptional stability while effectively reducing vibrations. Moreover, the plinth can be adjusted to a horizontal position, allowing you to achieve optimal isolation and further enhance the clarity and precision of your listening experience.

16V-24VAC Motor

Our synchronous motor, equipped with electronic control on the PCB, ensures minimal vibrations and maintains a constant speed regardless of voltage changes in the electrical network. With the included EON PSU (Power Supply Unit), you gain even more precise speed control, regardless of whether you’re playing records at 33.3 or 45 RPM. Immerse yourself in the seamless and uninterrupted flow of classical masterpieces, as the Auris Classica provides a stable and reliable performance.

Sub Platter

The aluminium sub-platter with a chrome and ground shaft guarantees the accurate transmission of stable speed to the platter, without any slipping. To further enhance its performance, the plate resting on the ball bearing is expertly crafted from cemented carbide metal, boasting an extraordinary hardness rating of up to 90 on the Rockwell scale. This exceptional durability ensures a long-lasting and precise performance, allowing you to revel in the captivating symphonies and concertos of classical music.

Bearing Housing

We have prioritized longevity and reliability by incorporating a bronze main hub central bearing in the Auris Classica. This choice of material guarantees a longer service life compared to traditional brass alternatives. By reducing stress on the bearing itself, we ensure optimal performance and enduring enjoyment of your cherished classical recordings.

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