Bowers and Wilkins CWM 7.3 S2 In Wall Speaker

$2,699.00 inc. GST

Bowers and Wilkins CWM 7.3 S2
Bowers and Wilkins CWM 7.3 S2 In Wall Speaker

$2,699.00 inc. GST

The Bowers and Wilkins CWM 7.3 S2 is a revision of the CWM7.3, B&W have revised the midrange and high range drivers to take the 7.3 model to new heights of performance using Continuum midrange driver technology which was first brought to market in the reference series 800 D3 speaker range, this combined with a sweet-sounding carbon dome tweeter sees new levels of detail and performance. The CWM 7.3 S2 speakers are ideal for performance home cinema and also can be used as a two-channel hi-fi speaker.

Bowers and Wilkins CWM 7.3 S2

Bowers and Wilkins CWM 7.3 S2 Key Features;

  • Continuum mid-range driver technology was first implemented in the reference 800 D3 series of speakers
  • Portrait or landscape orientation options
  • Suitable for home cinema and stereo applications

Technical Specifications

Technical features:

  • Carbon Dome tweeter
  • Continuum cone FST midrange
  • Aerofoil profile bass cones
  • Flowport™


  • 3-way in-wall system

Drive units:

  • 1x ø25mm (1 in) Carbon Dome high-frequency
  • 2x ø100mm (4 in) Continuum cone FST midrange
  • 2x ø150mm (6 in) Aerofoil profile bass

Frequency range:

  • -6dB at 43Hz and 33kHz

Frequency Response:

  • 45Hz – 28kHz ±3dB


  • 90dB SPL (2.83Vrms, 1m)

Harmonic distortion 2nd and 3rd harmonics

  • 2nd and 3rd harmonics (90dB, 1m) <1% 80Hz – 33kHz <0.5% 120Hz – 33kHz

Nominal impedance:

  • 8Ω (minimum 3.1Ω)

Recommended amplifier power:

  • 25W – 200W into 8Ω on unclipped programme

Frame height:

  • 736mm

Frame width:

  • 276mm


  • (behind surface) 102mm

Cut-out height:

  • 711mm

Cut-out width:

  • 251mm

Cut-out height w/PMK:

  • 715mm

Cut-out width w/PMK:

  • 256mm

Reservoir box height:

  • 460mm

Reservoir box width:

  • 220mm


  • 7mm


  • 7.3W

Net weight:

  • 12.4kg

Finishes Grille:

  • White
  • Supplied as each

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