Chord Electronics DAVE DAC, Digital-Pre Amplifier and Headphone Amp

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If you want the most out of your digital music, Hi-Fi system or headphones, then the Chord Electronics DAVE is well worth consideration. The creation from the dynamic duo of Chord Electronics and DAC designer/engineer Rob Watts, The Dave takes digital to analogue conversion to an amazing new panicle. A must audition for your high calibre Hi-Fi system or Headphone rig

Looking for a headphone DAC/amplifier combination? Talk to our friendly staff about a package price for a Chord Electronics DAC/Headphone Amplifier combined with Meze Audio or Dan Clark Audio Headphones


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Chord Electronics DAVE key features;

  • Class-leading FPG DAC chip
  • Handmade in the UK
  • Stylish industrial design
  • optional stand available


Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz flat within +/-0.1dB (HF filter off)

Tap length filter: 164,000

THD + N: 127.5dB (AWT)

Channel separation: >125dB @ 1KHz

Dynamic range: 127.5dB (AWT)

Sample frequencies: 44.1Khz – 768Khz (16 – 32bit) and DSD64 to DSD512 native DSD + DoP (input dependant)


  • USB B-style: 44 kHz to 768 kHz – DXD and Quad DSD
  • 2x optical: 44kHz to 192kHz
  • 1 x AES: 44kHz to 192kHz
  • 4 x Coax: 44kHz to 384kHz
  • Dual-data mode available


  • Digital 2x ultra-high-speed coax 768kHz dual-data mode for use with future-unannounced Chord Electronics products.
  • Analogue XLR and RCA




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